SpaceWorks operates three separate divisions within our overall corporate structure. Each division pursues a distinct line of business and/or target market that is complementary to our overall corporate goals. Brief descriptions of each of the current SpaceWorks divisions is provided below. For more insight into the products, services, and market position of each division, please click on the icon beside each description to visit the dedicated web pages for that division.

SpaceWorks Engineering

SpaceWorks Engineering (SEI-E) is SEI's aerospace engineering services division supporting a wide variety of traditional customers in the U.S. government and domestic aerospace industry. Key clients include NASA, the U.S. Air Force, DARPA, the U.S. Navy, and most U.S. aerospace prime contractors.

SpaceWorks Engineering is an industry leader in providing independent concept development, economic analysis, technology impact assessment, and systems analyses for future space systems and projects. Our technical staff is trained in a range of key engineering analyses such as propulsion, trajectories, aerodynamics, cost analysis, mass properties, economic modeling, operations, and reliability analysis. SEI-E projects range from single-discipline support for a client’s design team to complete end-to-end space concept analysis. Our full-time staff is augmented by a team of highly-experienced Affiliates who provide additional guidance and insight.

SpaceWorks Commercial

SpaceWorks Commercial advances innovative ideas, solutions, and partnerships aimed at maturing near and far term commercial and international space ventures.

SpaceWorks Commercial serves as an incubator for new business ventures and partnerships for which SpaceWorks has a financial interest or strategic role. SpaceWorks Commercial seeks to start and develop innovative new space businesses that will compete in emerging space markets. The division leverages the technical, financial, and management resources of SpaceWorks to help these early-stage business ventures grow and compete until the point they can operate independently of our corporation. New businesses operating under the umbrella of SpaceWorks Commercial may also share infrastructure with SpaceWorks in Atlanta, GA.

SpaceWorks Software

SpaceWorks Software develops technical, educational, and entertainment applications for the aerospace field and beyond. Our unique products and services are valued by government agencies, commercial companies, academic institutions, and private individuals around the world.

SpaceWorks Software strives to enhance the way engineers design systems, analyze alternatives, and visualize complex data. Whether the task is building an all-new desktop or mobile application, or integrating existing tools to streamline and improve the design process, our staff excels at delivering inspired solutions. SpaceWorks Software supports the future of aerospace engineering through our Academic License Program (ALP) and other educational partnerships.